How To Change Screen Saver In Windows 7 [Step-By-Step Guide]

New Windows 7 users may have trouble in finding ways to change, enable or disable screen saver. Windows 7 has most of it’s display settings in “Personalization” section. We will explain you how to change screen saver, and also some detailed step-by-step guide on how to setup pictures slideshow as screen saver in Windows 7.

How to Change Screen Saver

1. Right-click in empty area desktop and click “Personalize”.


2. In Personalization settings, scroll down the list and click on “Screen Saver” link.


3. In Screen Saver Settings, click on drop down arrow and select desired screen saver from available screen savers. You can click “Preview” button anytime to test the screen saver.


4. Click “OK” to save changes.

How to set your favorite Photos Slide Show as Screen Saver

Firstly, create a folder in a known location and give a suitable name for it. Make sure this folder location is easy to find, as you will use this folder for storing images for slide show. You can replace images anytime.

Next, copy and save all the images which you want to run as slide show screen saver into the folder. For example, we have created a folder “Screen Saver Pics” in a location as shown in screen-shot below.


1. Select  “Photos” screen saver from the drop down list and then click on “Settings” button


2. In “Photo Screen Saver Settings” dialog box, click on “Browse” button and select the folder that you created before.


3. You can adjust slide show speed from available 3 speeds including “Slow”, “Medium”, and “Fast”. Check “Shuffle pictures” box if you want Windows to show images picked randomly.

Then click “Save” button.


3. Click “Preview” button to view slide show of images.


4. Check the box “On resume, display logon screen” if you have password protected login for your account. On resuming from screen saver, Windows will take you to login screen for security reasons.

5. Click OK to save all changes.


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  • Larry Turner

    Is there any way to make the screensaver slideshow proceed more slowly? Even on the Windows 7 “slow” setting my pictures change every 6-7 seconds, and I would like them to change more slowly.

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    Awesome tip, thanks!