Tweak And Optimize Windows 7 Settings Using GIGATweaker [Review]

Windows 7 retail version has not yet finished it’s first anniversary, but there are already plenty of free tweaking tools available in internet for download. We already reviewed a few of them including Tweak Me, Preme, XdN Tweaker, and EnhanceMySe7en Free. We now review yet another tweaker for Windows 7. Named as “GIGA Tweaker”, it’s a free Windows 7 optimizing and tweaking tool that does it’s function by editing Windows 7 registry and settings.

GIGA Tweaker installation is easy. At first run of program, you are provided with two options viz. “Create a restore point right now (recommended) and “Continue without creation”. We also recommend to use former option so that you can revert windows 7 settings incase you messed up Windows 7 settings after using this tool.


The program’s interface is simple and well-organized. Various tweaking features are separated into sections namely Administration, Display, Customization, Communication, and Maintenance. We will go through some of important features of this program.


GIGA Tweaker lets you enable automatic logon to Windows 7.  Just enter user name, password and choose some options to setup automatic logon to Windows. It gives you option to limit the number of automatic logins too.


System Error tweaks include settings for automatic restart of Windows on critical failure, disabling debug information record to save disk space, and error reporting settings.


Security tweaks include disabling User Account Control (UAC), displaying secure black desktop when elevating, configuring Action Center settings, and Windows update settings.


Using GIGA Tweaker, you can apply some system restrictions in just few clicks including disabling task manager, execution of Autoexec.bat files, execution of registry files (.reg),  access to control panel, changing wallpaper and many others which normally needs registry editing.


It lets you restrict access to selected programs in your Windows 7 PC.

In Display settings tweaks, you can configure various visual effects like transparency of window frame, shadows for desktop icons, thumbnails instead of icons, animations in taskbar and start menu and few more.


System customization settings include forcing DLL unload from memory, restart desktop and taskbar automatically after errors, launch folder windows in separate windows, turn off Windows startup sound, enabling boot defragmentation, automatic closing of non-responsive programs and many more.

system-customizationsThe programs comes with a built-in Startup Manager using which you can easily find out unnecessary programs that are starting upon logon to Windows and delete them.


The program gives an easy single interface to all Windows related tasks like Registry Editor, DirectX tool, Windows Services, Computer Management, Device Manager, Disk defragmenter, Disk Check etc.


Apart from the above explained features, GIGA Tweaker comes with many other useful features using which you can tweak and optimize Windows 7 to maximum extent.

GIGATweaker is useful especially if you know what exactly you are doing. Except for few typos in programs interface, it’s  a great program for your Windows 7 PC. Note that you should use this program with caution and more importantly know what you are doing. Because there are some crucial features which when used incorrectly may make your PC unstable and inoperative.

Download GIGATweaker [Installer Version]

Download GIGATweaker [Portable Version]

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