How To Create System Repair Disc In Windows 7

It’s important to have a bootable system recovery disc with you in case your Windows 7 goes corrupt due to virus infection or due to any reasons. In extreme cases, the PC may refuse to boot into Windows 7. It can’t be more frustrating as you can’t even troubleshoot problems as you can’t even login.

There are several third party software that lets you create Recovery Disc for your PC. Don’t worry, you can use Windows 7 built-in Repair Disc and create your own disc. With Recovery Disc, you can boot into Windows and start troubleshooting. Here is a step-by-step guide.

1. Click “Start”—> Control Panel –> “System and Security”


2. Click on “Backup and Restore”.


3. In the left pane, click on “Create a system repair disc”.


4. In the following dialog box, Windows will ask you to insert a CD/DVD and choose the CD/DVD drive.


5. Insert the disc and then click on “Create disc”.

It will take a while for the burn process to complete.


After the process is complete, your bootable System Recovery CD is ready. You can use this disc for repairing your Windows 7 PC in case of serious error.


Kiran Kumar

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  • Laptop Man

    My laptop doesn’t even start on at all, can someone point me in the right direction on how to find the fault for it?

  • Steve Austin

    Looking for this information from a long time thanks for sharing this, nice step by step solution.

  • Great, this fixed my problem on the job! I cannot wait to browse more.

  • Win7 System Repair Disc Creation Error
    I’m trying to ‘Create a system repair disc’ but keep getting this error message: System repair disc could not be created. The request is not supported (0x80070032). This is trying to use my CDRW.

    If I try to use my DVDRW the error message I get is same but with a Unspecified error (0x8004005).

    I’ve googled and tried ms support but can’t find a solution. Any help would be appreciated…

  • A Zak

    to Balu, I changed DVD disk to regular CD-ROM and it worked!