How To Stop Windows 7 From Automatically Downloading Drivers And Icons For Your Hardware Devices

Default settings of Windows 7 automatically downloads and install drivers on your PC. This is recommended to keep all hardware to work properly. Windows 7 obtains all its driver updates from Windows Update website. Having said that, not all driver updates go smoothly. In some scenarios, drivers lose compatibility with other drivers in your PC, and due to this your PC may become inoperable.

You have option to not make Windows 7 automatically download and install hardware updates, and would rather update drivers yourselves by directly downloading from Manufacturer of hardware, then go ahead and follow these steps:

1. Click “Start” –> right-click on “My Computer” and then select “Properties”.

2. In the left pane of System Properties window, click on “Advanced System Properties”.


3. Click on “Hardware” tab and then click on “Device Installation Settings” button.


4. Select radio button “No, let me choose what to do”.

Once you do that, you will see four more options popped up. Choose “Never install driver software from Windows Update” option.


5. Click “Save Changes” button.

That’s it. Windows will now not automatically download and update drivers and realistic icons on your PC.

Kiran Kumar

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