How To Remove All But The Most Recent Restore Point In Windows 7

System Restore Tool comes handy when something wrong happens in your PC. It’s one of the safest way to get back to best working condition. But this feature eats up lot of disk space. If you have a limited space hard disk, you may want to save the precious hard disk space. Go ahead and follow below steps. This article will describe how to keep the latest restore point and delete all the old and unnecessary restore points from your Windows 7 PC.

1. Click “Start”, type Disk Cleanup in the programs search box and hit enter.


2. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, click “OK”

3. Click on “Cleanup System Files” button.


4. Select the drive in which you have installed Windows. Then click “OK”


4. Click on “More Options” tab.


5. In the “System Restore and  Shadow Copies” section, click on “Clean up..” button.

system_restore_and _shadow_copies

6.Click on “Delete” button.


7. Click “OK”.

8. Windows will now ask for confirmation to delete files. Click “Delete Files”.

delete_files You are done.

Now only the latest restore point will be saved in your PC. All the old System Restore points will be deleted.

You can confirm it in the “System Restore” interface.


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