How to Change File Associations in Windows 7

Windows XP to Windows 7 movers may already be in trouble finding some commonly used features in Windows 7. No doubt that Windows 7 has been the best Operating System from Microsoft so far, but having such advanced features in it means some juggling with the already carried over features from its predecessor.

One such common feature which most of us use is “File Types” which comes in “Tools—> Folder Options” dialog box in Windows XP.  In Windows 7, you can’t find “File Types” in Folder Options dialog box. Your hunt for “File Types” ends here. Here is how you can open and configure file associations in Windows 7.

1. Click Start—> All Programs –> Default Programs.

2. Now click on “Associate a file type or a protocol with a program” link.


3. “Set Associations” is nothing but “File Types” shown in Windows XP.

Here you can configure any file extension by selecting it and then clicking on “Change program..”.


4. Select the new program from the list are click on “Browse” button and select the program you want to use for running the file type of that extension.

Check the box “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” if you desire to use same program always for the file type.


Kiran Kumar

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