How To Restore File Associations Of Windows Media Player To Default In Windows 7

Over a period of time you tend to install and uninstall third-party Media Players like VLC, GOM, AVS, Power DVD, etc. When you install these third-party software, each of this program take their own file associations as default media player. Good ones usually gives you a choice whether to associate all media file extensions to it or not during the program install.

Several poorly designed programs automatically take file associations, making a messed up file types for your Media playing needs. When it happens to you, the easliest way to get around this problem is to reset file associations to Windows Media Player. Here is how you do that.

1. Click Start—> All Programs—> Default Programs.

2. In the Default Programs dialog box, click on link “Set your default programs”.


3. In the list of programs, select “Windows Media Player”.


4. Then click on “Set this program as default”.


5. Click on “OK” to save the settings. This will restore all the file associations. Which means all your video and audio files will play with Windows Media Player by default.

In Step 4, you have choice to choose selected file type to play as default with Windows Media Player. You need to click on “Choose defaults for this program” and then select file types that you want to associate with Windows Media Player.

Kiran Kumar

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  • Dhiraj

    i could no open windows media player in windows 7 home premium. i tried every possibility of what can i idid. so please anyone reply me.