How to Create Virtual Hard Drive in Windows 7

Windows 7 lets you create Virtual Hard drive in few simple steps. This is much simpler than creating partitions and is usually recommended if you want to create multiple spaces within a large partition.

In simple words, for example if you have a 250 GB partition, you can create Virtual Hard disk of 50 GB to store files, say MP3 files.

Here is how you can create a VHD in Windows 7.

1. Click “Start” and right-click on “Computer” and select “Manage”.

2. In the left pane of the “Computer Management”, click on “Disk Management”.

3. Select the Partition in which you want to create the “Virtual Hard Drive”.

4. Click “Action” > “Create VHD”.


5. Click “Browse” and navigate to the location where you want to save the VHD. Also enter the size of the Virtual hard disk drive. You have two options to choose from. Either a VHD of fixed size or dynamically expanding type. Select the desired one. Then click “OK”.


6. Depending upon the size of the VHD, Windows will take some time to create the VHD. Be patient and watch the bottom of the window for completion.


7. After the process is complete, you will see Virtual Disk as ‘”Unallocated space”.

8. Select, right-click on it and choose “Initiate Disk”.


9. In the initialize window, keep MBR (Master Boot Record) selected and click “OK”.

10. Finally you have to now create a volume and format it to start using the Virtual Hard Disk. To do it, right-click on the VHD and select “New Simple Volume”.

11. In the “New Volume Wizard”, click “Next”.

12. Since you have already specified the size of the VHD, just click “Next”.

13. You can now assign desired Drive letter or simply leave the default value. It will be different than the drive names which you already have in your computer. Click “Next”.


14. Choose “Format this volume with the following settings” option. Then choose the “File system” you need. Leave “Allocation unit size” as “Default”. Give desire “Volume label”. Then click “Next” > “Finish”.


In few moments, the Virtual Hard Disk will be ready.


Kiran Kumar

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