How to find out audio, video codecs installed in Windows PC

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It’s not all a surprise how fast several codecs get installed in your Windows PC, knowingly or unknowingly, as many video and audio based software install their own codecs during installation. So it’s not so long one day you decide to know what are the various audio and video codecs installed in your PC. Thankfully, it is not that hard to find it, but you need to have Windows Media Player installed in your computer to follow this procedure. We have tested this procedure on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7. It should probably apply to Windows Vista too. Do let us know in comments below.

1. Launch Windows Media Player by what ever the way you know. In Windows 7, you can click “Start” button and enter “Windows Media Player” in search box. Windows  users can bring up charms, and then type “Windows Media Player” in the search box.

2. In the Windows Media Player’s program interface, click on “Alt” key to see the Menu bar, and then go to “Help” > “About Windows Media Player”.

Windows Media Player Codec

3. Click on “Technical Support Information” link located on the bottom of the “About Windows Media Player” dialog box.

Windows Media Player Codec details

4. Windows will scan and then launch default internet browser, in which a detailed report of the various audio and videos codecs that are installed in your computer. It even lists the MPEG/DVD filters, plug-ins, and full list of Media Player Binaries and also other Binaries.

Windows Media Player Codec detailed

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the installed Video and Audio codecs in your PC.

Windows Media Player audio video codecs


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