Windows 8.1 Notifications: 6 things you must know

Notifications in Windows 8.1

Modern app notifications are great way to stay updated in several ways, it can be an breaking news from your favorite news app or a severe weather alert from a weather app or a tweet from your friend and more. But what if the same notifications become too much intrusive into your daily activities causing annoyance, especially when your tablet is on 24×7. So here we are the things you need to know about how to manage notifications in Windows 8.1.

Bring up the Charms by pointing mouse to bottom right corner of screen or swiping from right to left from right edge of screen, then click/tap “Settings” > “Change PC Settings”, and then “Notifications”.

Launch Notifications

Launch Notifications

In the right pane of the notifications app, you can control and manage these features:

Manage Notifications in Windows 8.1

Manage Notifications in Windows 8.1

1) Turn ON/OFF Notifications

This can’t get much easier, only two things whether you want turn ON or OFF notifications, which can be done by simply sliding the toggle switch to whatever you want.

2) Notifications on Lock Screen

By default settings, Windows 8.1 shows app notifications on the lock screen too. You can choose to turn OFF if you want.

3) Notification Sounds

App notifications are followed with a sound, if it’s not your cup of tea, then get rid of it and slide it to OFF.

4) Receiving Calls

Windows 8.1 has this nice handy feature of turning ON the screen when you receive Calls from voice apps such as Skype, it is active by default, but you can choose to turn it OFF, if you want it that way.

5) Don’t disturb hours

There are of course those very important hours for everyone, which is absolutely annoying than anything else on planet, go ahead and schedule it to turn off notifications during quiet hours.

Notifications Quiet Hours

Notifications Quiet Hours

But if you think calls is very important during quiet hours and can’t afford to miss those because it makes someone worried or unhappy or angry, then don’t worry, Windows 8.1 lets you receive calls during quiet hours!

6) Control individual app notifications

If you have a very good app that you choose not to uninstall due to its content, but causes headaches due to too many notifications, then you can turn OFF notifications only from that app.

Selective App Notifications Control

Selective App Notifications Control

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