Lenovo OneKey Recovery: Ultimate Windows 8 Recovery Guide

OneKey Recovery Guide

OneKey Recovery Guide

This article applies to most of recent Lenovo desktops, laptops, and all-in-ones running Windows 8 OEM version. Lenovo OneKey recovery software comes preinstalled at factory state. Don’t worry, if you have accidentally uninstalled it thinking it as one of bloatware, you can still download and install it for free. For those new to Lenovo OneKey recovery, let me quickly say that, it is a system recovery software used to create a complete system backup, and restore it when you need it.

Compatible Lenovo Computers

First thing I would advice is to check whether your Lenovo computer is compatible with this software. Here are the list of supported models taken from Lenovo webpage:

  • Lenovo G400, G500, G400s, G500s, G400s Touch, G500s Touch, G700
  • Lenovo G405, G505, G405s, G505s
  • Lenovo G410, G510, G710
  • Lenovo G480 (2688, 20156), G480 (2184, 20149)
  • Lenovo G580 (2189, 20150), G580 (2689, 20157)
  • Lenovo G780
  • IdeaPad Flex 14, Flex 15
  • IdeaPad S210, S210 Touch
  • IdeaPad S310, S410, S410p, S410p Touch, S510p, S510p Touch
  • IdeaPad S400 Touch, S500, S500 Touch
  • IdeaPad S215, S415, S415 Touch
  • IdeaPad U330p, U330 Touch, U430 Touch, U430p, U530 Touch
  • IdeaPad Y410p, Y510p
  • IdeaPad Yoga 11s
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 11
  • IdeaPad Z410, Z510, Z710

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (64-bit versions)

Get Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0

Download OneKey Recovery 8

How to create a complete Windows 8 backup

1. Install OneKey Recovery software.

2. Click on “System Backup”.

OneKey Recovery System Backup

OneKey Recovery System Backup

3.  Select the destination where you want to save the system backup. Note that this is a complete system backup including Windows 8, programs, and all your data on the Windows installed drive. Therefore you need a large capacity hard disk. If your Lenovo PC still has the factory partition (usually D: drive), then you will see the default path set to D:\Lenovo\OneKey App\OneKey Recovery\backup.wsi.

Default Path

Most of you will never have enough space in this default partition, but thankfully, you can choose an external hard disk.  You can add a short backup notes like the name of your PC at the end of date and time, this will be a handy info when restoring your PC in future. Click “Next”.

OneKey Recovery - Select Destination

OneKey Recovery – Select Destination

4. Make sure you close all other memory intensive programs on your PC. The process will take a while, hence I recommend plugging in AC adapter now. Confirm backup and then click on “Start”.

OneKey Recovery - Confirm Backup

OneKey Recovery – Confirm Backup

5. Wait for the process to finish.

OneKey Recovery - Process

OneKey Recovery – Process

6. You will get confirmation after backup is complete. Close the program, and explore the hard disk where you set the backup to, you should see several backup files in it. You have now successfully created your computer’s Windows 8/8.1 backup image.

OneKey Recovery - Backup Complete

OneKey Recovery – Backup Complete



How to restore Windows 8 system image

The recovery process takes a while to complete. So I recommend you to connect the AC adapter to your computer now.

A. Booting into System Recovery

METHOD 1: Using OneKey Recovery Program (For those who are able to run Windows)

1. Start OneKey Recovery program and then click on “System Recovery”.

OneKey Recovery System Recovery

OneKey Recovery System Recovery

2. Click “Yes” to reboot your computer into the system recovery mode.

Reboot to Recovery Environment

Reboot to Recovery Environment

METHOD 2: Using Novo button (For those who can’t boot Windows)

If your computer is not able to boot into Windows, you can still get into Recovery mode. To do that, first turn off the computer, and then press the Novo button. From the Novo button menu, select the Lenovo OneKey Recovery system and press Enter.

Novo Button - Lenovo Laptop

Novo Button – Lenovo Laptop

 B. System Recovery

1. In the Recovery mode, you can select from two different options. The first option lets you restore your computer to the factory state from the factory backup partition. The second option lets you restore your computer to the image backup done by you in the first part of this article. Choose the one you desire and click “Next”. In our scenario, I am choosing second option “Restore from user’s backup”.

OneKey System Recovery Boot Mode

OneKey System Recovery Boot Mode

2. Click on Browse button and then select the backup.wsi file that got saved when you created the backup image. This is the default name, unless you changed it manually.

OneKey Recovery - Restore from personal image backup

OneKey Recovery – Restore from personal image backup

3. Click next and then start the restoration process. The restoration process will take a while to complete.

Enjoy your new Windows!

Kiran Kumar

Hi there! Kiran Kumar is an Engineer by profession, and loves blogging primarily on Microsoft Windows operating system and also enjoys reviewing software and products. Currently, he is exploring Windows 10 and you will see a lot of articles on know-how about it. When he is not writing for TWP, he enjoys time with his Family, listens to lot of music, enjoys Biking, and occasionally plays racing games on Xbox One.

  • adesh

    sir ji thanksfor this information

  • adesh

    sir ji will u tell me plz recovery process me only windows partition hi delete hota h ya pura pc hi farmat ho jata h other partition me jo personal movies pics software everything jo bi h sab delete ho jayega kya plz tell me

    • Kiran Kumar

      It depends on the option you choose. I assume that you are choosing the first option “Restore from initial backup”. This process will return to your laptop’s hard disk partitions to factory state. All the data including partitions and your personal data will be deleted. It is like going back to the first day state when you booted the laptop. So I suggest take a backup of your personal data before you start the process.

  • nj

    I have deleted the few of the hidden folder can it be restored by using the one key recovery? my other question is if I restore it to the factory level will my original windows which came along with the system will be deleted or restored?

    • Kiran Kumar

      OneKey Recovery is not a File Recovery software. It is to be used as an Windows recovery software. For recovering files against accidental deletion of files or folder, you need to use a File Recovery software like “Recuva” (freeware). Regarding the second part of your question, Factory reset will reset your version of Windows too. For example if you had Windows 8 installed when you got your computer new, but later upgraded to Windows 8.1, OneKey factory reset will still bring your computer to Windows 8 only. You will have to upgrade it to Windows 8.1 again.

  • Kiran Kumar

    Recuva is a freeware, and has limited functionality. It can’t recover all the data. For extreme recovery, you need professional software, try Minitool Data Recovery. Usually it costs $69 for each license, but coincidentally you may bee lucky as we are having a giveaway contest. Enter into contest here: : http://www.thewindowsplanet.com/2603/giveaway-minitool-power-data-recovery-personal-edition-each-worth-69-for-free.htm .

    I am not sure why you have deleted those hidden files, but nevermind, since you have already done that, it’s OK to be deleted, usually Windows puts them back in. Usually Lenovo stores their driver data in LENOVO(D:) drive. If you had it while you bought your PC, don’t worry, OneKey Recovery will restore it.

    • hitesh

      heloo .. sir .. my hardisk was damaged ..and now it has been replaced by a new one .. but in this new hardisk … i am not able to run One Key Recovery .. i want to run this software in my laptop … because i have created backup of my genuine window from this software only … and now it is not .. running ..wht to do

      • Rajesh Kumar Sharma

        Hi Kiran sir,
        I have changed my hard disk. Can you tell me please how to recover the window 8 on new hard disk. Lenovo Y510P. regards.

    • Prashant Srivastava

      Sir My Problem is related with above issue. I have just recover my laptop with One Key Recovery Nova Button at initial Back up Image. My laptop has been recovered. As the C Drive fully recovered as before but D Drive is totally blank now. before in this drive all lenovo drivers were there but nothing is there. So My question is that why this is happened? and how can i again recovered those drivers as i dont have any kind of Backup image. other than this i want to know hidden partion meaning wheather it is in C Drive or D Drive? if D Drive has no any data then what will be the effect on my Laptop functionality?

  • Tony Quellhorst

    I tried using a partition program that my coworker has used on all his computers to facilitate using virtual machines for work. I now get the message when booting it up the a drive is not mounted and my laptop will have to restart. Will removing the battery eliminate this problem?

    • Begemot Kot

      No. This is a PC, not a phone.

  • bonbon

    Sir, can I follow this instructions even my laptop was installed/upgraded with pirated windows 8.1 from genuine Windows 8? As of now I cannot do the system recovery, in the screen it pop up that the “Some files are missing. Your windows installation or recovery media will provide these files”. my laptop is lenovo G510. Hope you can help me, thanks

    • Kiran Kumar

      First of all, please use Windows Genuine version. OneKey Recovery is a application software, so it will work only if you have it installed on your computer. It’s doesn’t come built-in will all Windows, but only comes with the most of Lenovo computers and Laptops.

  • philipp jade romo

    how to delete unused backup that will not affect other important backup?

    • Kiran Kumar

      Did you mean it for OneKey Recovery?

  • Ed Cr

    Onekey button works if hdd is dead?
    Is Onekey embedded in the bios?
    Thx for feedback Edwin flex2 14

    • Kiran Kumar

      OneKey Recovery doesn’t work if HDD is dead as it’s image is saved in the recovery partition of the hard disk. Hence it is good to perform “System Backup” regularly on an external hard disk and restore it when needed.

  • hans

    Hello Mr Kumar, I accidentally pressed the novo one key button while my ideapad was turned off now the screen won’t turn on But the power button and keys do light up

    • Kiran Kumar

      By chance did you turn off the display? In IdeaPad F9 key toggles the display screen ON/OFF. If you are OK in that front, then possible problem is corrupted BIOS. In such case you will have to launch OneKey Recovery after logging to Windows and then perform restore function.

  • Маска Другу

    hello sir. my laptop is lenovo G510… i lost my initial backup image from system recovery partition… i want to create initial backup image in system recovery partition again.. can u please help to do this….

  • Jorge Galeano

    Hi Kiran, I hope everything is going well with you and thanks for helping us, I have to replace the HDD of my Lenovo Yoga 2 11, I didn’t do any kind of system recovery dvd/drive neither using OneKey or Windows Recovery Drive, I was trying in several ways to boot from and external DVD to install and OEM version of Windows 8, nothing seems to work, the laptop don’t even start the installation process, I have changed the boot order from Windows UEFI to DVD, setting the HDD in compatibility mode, copying and image of the Windows 8 in a 16GB pendrive to boot from there but I just… can’t. Where can I find a sort of boot image to reinstall my OS again? I really need to work this out… 🙁

    • Kiran Kumar

      Hi Jorge, You need to first create a Windows 8 recovery drive on the original HDD, then extract the product key from the motherboard using any system info utility like Belarc Advisor. You can then download the Windows 8.1 from Microsoft website (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/upgrade-product-key-only) and then use the extracted key to activate the Windows.

      If you are not able to create a recovery disk, you will have to contact lenovo support to get a standalone Windows 8 installer (fees may apply). Hope it helps.

  • arash

    Hi there my back is about 850 gb in my external hdd . When i try to restore it said not enough space on hdd but i have free 900 gb on drive c. Can you help me what should I do?

  • Sans souci

    Mr. Kumar: I got the error “Failed to access the files” when I tried to restore from my most recent One Key Recovery back up. However, I managed to restore from a 6 month old backup but, with that, lost 6 mo. worth of data. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

    • Kiran Kumar

      Mr. Sans, It would have been great if you have taken the backup of personal data before attempting OneKey Recovery, that way you would never lose data. But since you have already restored to 6 month old backup, the files will be as on that day. One way you can recover the latest data is by using File Recovery software like Free Recuva, or other professional recovery software like “Recover My Files”.

  • Rajesh Kumar Sharma

    Hi Kiran sir,
    I have changed my hard disk. Can you tell me please how to recover the window 8 on new hard disk. Lenovo Y510P. regards.


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    • Kiran Kumar

      Rajesh, You need to first create a Windows 8 recovery drive on the original HDD, then extract the product key from the motherboard using any system info utility like Belarc Advisor. You can then download the Windows 8.1 from Microsoft website (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/upgrade-product-key-only) and then use the extracted key to activate the Windows.

      If you are not able to create a recovery disk, you will have to contact lenovo support to get a standalone Windows 8 installer (fees may apply). Hope it helps.

      • Rajesh Kumar Sharma

        thanks for the reply. I have already loaded another copy of window 8 downloaded from other source. Do I have to remove it first &then make the recover media. I have two product key one is on the OS I loaded / window 8 & second one is embedded in bois for window 8 enterprises.
        with replaced hard disk can i still get original recover media.

  • Mohmmad Ayaz Shaikh

    I am getting an error at 27% error code 0xE0EF005D . I can’t boot in to os. Please help me out.

  • Dhiliban R

    Dear Kiran, I took a back up from onekey recovery in to my exeternal HDD. i tried to downgrade windows 8 to 7. Unfortunately the partitions were deleted. now i have reinstalled a fresh windows 8 OS. but onekey is not able to restore the back up. How can i create the partitions back to recover the back up from my external HDD. Please help.

    • Dhiliban R

      can someone help?

  • Jenn

    So I have a Lenovo IdeaPad400 Touch, and it was Windows 10. And it wasn’t working so I decided to use “One key recovery” to try to get it to it’s factory settings.. And it started the process of “one key recovery” but I don’t know , I was being impatient and dumb and it said “please don’t turn off your laptop while it is restarting”, and so I turned it off. Now when I go to turn it on it shows “Lenovo” for a few minutes and then shuts off…. I don’t know what to do :/

  • proudarmywife

    question, I have a Lenovo ideapad p500, it came with windows 8. the free windows 10 upgrade was installed 3 months ago. Now I have drivers incompatibilities , touchpad is not working and other registry problems. Talked to Microsoft and they told me windows 10 is not compatible with my laptop’s drivers since Lenovo has and will do update current drivers up to windows 10 . I cant reversed back to windows 8 because it has been more than 30 days. I was not aware there was a 30 days time limit to reversed. Microsoft have been trying to fix the drivers for two months and now they tell me sorry but too late for reverse option to windows 8. the computer did not come with restore disks or product key. I am told the product key was embedded in the bios. I did a Belarc system search and it gave me a product key, but being told that that product key may not work since Lenovo installed a copy and not original. Since it was a mass installation to multiple computers they sold, then my product key may not be valid or useful. This is very confusing to me. I went to the D drive and notice a file named drivers, in this file I see the one key recovery file as well as all other drivers files.

    I just finish creating a recovery drive but not sure if it is a windows 8 or windows 10 recovery drive? My husband has more technical knowledge than I, but he is a soldier and currently away. I don’t know what to do and really need to remove windows 10 from my laptop and bring it back to the original manufactory settings. We are on an extremely tight budget and cant afford to buy another laptop. My high school girls need this laptop for school work (homeschool them both), and we need it to keep in touch with my soldier. Help please, anyone!

  • Anand Verma

    does this help if i create a system image on an external hard drive, and then remove my hdd and replace it with an ssd, and restore image on ssd through external hard drive? windows genuineness is lost or retained? novo buttons works if i remove hdd and replace it with an ssd?

    • Suyash Bansal

      I also have the same question… Please help!!

  • Jonathan S. Wheeler

    I’m trying to make a backup of my Lenovo ideapad (with Windows 8.1) to an external hard drive. I can browse to the desired folder in the hard drive but when I go to step 2 to start back up, the Start button is grayed out. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

  • Stare

    lenovo flex 10 – how to enter recovery mode?

  • Gino Pino

    Dear Kiran,
    I had a Lenovo G500 it often freezes on boot, so i made a backup with the OneKey Backup, and sent the laptop for warranty repair. They answered the G500 cannot be repaired.
    Now i have a non Lenovo laptop, and a Onekey backup image that i can’t recover…
    Is there a way to recover the image in my non Lenovo pc?
    Or could i rent a Onekey compatible Lenovo pc to restore my image?
    I’m very UNGRY with Lenovo for this situation….

    Thanks for any idea

  • Emrat Waris

    hi sir I delete my last Lenovo u530 windows I download the win10 and now I wan to recover my last windows back please help me

  • Nrng Tani

    After i reset my laptop my pc start hanging so much and sometime my windows show black screen and when sometime i restart windows say getting windows ready for several minutes.. please guys help me.