Fix Bluetooth Mouse fail to reconnect after idle problem in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Bluetooth Mouse Connection Fail

By default settings of Window 7 and Windows 8, your wireless Bluetooth mouse or keyboard should automatically reconnect after being left idle, but due to some unknown system configuration setting changes, the Bluetooth device may not do so. This problem is simple to fix, just make sure you login to Windows with Administrator rights because we will be making changes to device manager console that is administrator driven.

1. Some way launch Device Manager. Windows 8 users can go to charms window and search for “Device Manager” and click on the first option, while Windows 7 users need to click on Start button, type in “Device Manager” in the search box, and then hit enter.

Windows 8 Charms - Type Device Manager

Windows 8 Charms – Type “Device Manager”

Windows 7 Start Menu Search - Type Device Manager

Windows 7 Start Menu Search – Type “Device Manager”

2. Expand “Bluetooth” in device manager tree. Right click on the Bluetooth device and then select “Properties”.

Device Manager - Bluetooth Properties

Device Manager – Bluetooth Properties

3. Click on ‘Power Management” tab, and then uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. Click “OK”, and close the device manager.

Bluetooth Power Management Settings

Bluetooth Power Management Settings

In the process, what we did is made sure that the Bluetooth is not turned off by the power management console. Did it solve your problem? Let us know in the comments below.

Kiran Kumar

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  • I3VI5

    This does not fix the issue (at least not in my case).
    It’s astonishing how Microsoft would even have this “feature”. Microsoft “killed themselves” with Windows 8, I seriously doubt they’ll recover. Personally I’ll never buy a windows laptop (and I’ve never liked Apple).

  • Jarek

    I have Windows 8. The thing is I do not have “Power Management” console when I go into Bluetooth radio settings. Weird but true. What to do then?