360 Total Security for Windows 10 (8, 7, Vista, and XP)

Those who have installed the Windows 10 technical preview edition on their computers can now have a fully functional and tested complete security protection for your PC. Out in the wild a new software 360 Total Security has surfaced, that really looks promising.

360 Total Security

360 Total Security

Until now, there was no antivirus and security program fully compatible for Windows 10 technical preview build, which for several people is now a daily driver due to the amazing stability inspite of being a preview build. Other Windows users need not run away, the 360 Total Security is available for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP too (download links at bottom of article).

360 Total Security for Windows 10 features

When I said tested, I meant that it is has been awarded several certificates from top agencies including West Coast Labs, Virus Bulletin, AV Test.org, AV Comparatives, Eicar and more. That’s not all, best of all is that this program is truly free, and also includes some extra perks for PC maintenance. Enough said, let me quickly walk you through its features.

1. Triple Antivirus Engines

360 Total Security is powered by 360 Heuristic Engine, 360 Cloud Engine and Bit-Defender. Needless to say that Bit-Defender is one of the high rated professional security suite in itself.  360 Total Security comes with real-time protection shield including sandbox module for added protection. Standard features that are normally seen in almost all antivirus software are here – Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan. The engines offer internet protection when you download files or do online shopping. It offers USB drive protection from auto running malicious programs, and also protects Windows Registry from damage.

360 Total Security Antivirus Scanners

360 Total Security Antivirus Scanners

2. Full System Check for Bootup Programs and Wi-Fi Security

On the first run on my Windows 10 test PC, this program found 8 fixes for unwanted bootup entries that are slowing down the Windows 10 booting process. Apart from that it listed Virus scan and WiFi security check status.

360 Total Security Interface

360 Total Security Full Check

After proceeding with “Repair”, it optimized the bootup speed by removing unwanted entries. A log report check revealed what it has done:

360 Total Security Fixes Log

360 Total Security Fixes Log

3. Windows Startup Speedup

The Full System check described earlier is a summary of major system tweaks and security. If you ever wanted more control of startup entries, then you have to be in the “Speedup” tab. Here it shows a full fledged report of the startup items, which you can review and optimize as desired. It also maintains a report of the Boot Times since the first boot after you installed the 360 Total Security software.

360 Total Security Speedup

360 Total Security Speedup

4. Cleanup

Cleanup section lets you clear the junk files in your PC, including Windows system files junk. Infact, on my test PC, it showed a staggering 6.4GB of Windows System files junk files.

360 Total Security Antivirus - Cleanup Module

360 Total Security – Cleanup Module

5. Tool Box – System Vulnerabilities Patch Up and Sandbox

In the Tool Box section, you can find “Patch Up” and “Sandbox”. Patch Up looks for any System Vulnerabilities like important security updates for Windows as well as for installed programs on your PC. My Windows 10 test PC didn’t have any updates, but the Windows 8.1 PC did have a patch each for Windows and Adobe Air.

360 Total Security Tool Box

360 Total Security Tool Box on Windows 10

360 Total Security Patch Up - Windows 8.1

360 Total Security Patch Up on Windows 8.1

Sandbox lets you run any program in a protected 360 Total security environment. This comes in handy when you have download a program from internet, but you don’t trust it fully, hence you may want to run it in Sandbox and check it if it is dangerous.

360 Total Security Sandbox

360 Total Security Sandbox

All-in-all, 360 Total Security is a great tool in keeping your Windows PC safe, well maintained, and fast. All these with no nagging of upgrade to pro version or something like that – yes it’s genuinely free.

Download 360 Total Security for Windows 10

360 Total Security is also available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Download 360 Total Security for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP

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  • Anj

    With Symantec Endpoint Protection installed, updates have stopped since Jan 15 for XP. I installed 360 Total Security into my XP system, and run both products on it. Is this just overkill, or is Enpoint Protection still providing some security the 360 product doesn’t? For example, my netgear router, wireless-N 150 WPN824n, is not supported by 360, so wi-fi security can NEVER be checked.