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It’s common these days to have several email accounts with different email services, like for example Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail so on and so forth. So how to stay updated with the new email notifications? You need a third party tool for doing that.

Howard Email Notifier Review

Howard Email Notifier notifies you about the new email on your Windows taskbar, and when configured as per your need can show only the notifications you want.

Howard E-Mail Notifier Notification

Howard E-Mail Notifier Notification

Let’s see what Howard Email Notifier can do for you.

Howard Email Notifier Review

Howard Email Notifier is a 100% free software for Windows. The installation is simple and straight forward – no browser hijack, no adware, no promotional software, and 100% virus clean. Immediately after installation is complete, you will see a new icon in the System Tray (Taskbar) from where you can launch the program interface for configuring it.

Howard E-Mail Notifier Taskbar Context Menu

Howard E-Mail Notifier Taskbar Context Menu

Howard Email Notifier in its current version can notify emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Zoho, Mail, Notes, and Virgilio accounts. To add a account, go to the respective tab and check the box Check Gmail for new mails, and then click on link located at the bottom. There is a small glitch here which I experienced in two of my test PCs running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Clicking on the link “Click here.” didn’t do anything. If you face this problem, close the program and restart Windows. Try clicking the link again, and it should launch the corresponding email API, for example Google page for Gmail. Sometimes you need to need on the link and then close the program window for the email sign up window to appear – some UI bugs definitely need to be fixed.

Howard E-Mail Notifier - Gmail Configuration

Howard E-Mail Notifier – Gmail Configuration

Optionally, you can enter the folder name that you want to check, just incase if you want it that way.

Howard E-Mail Notifier - Email Folder to Check

Howard E-Mail Notifier – Email Folder to Check

You can set the time interval for checking new emails, tray icon style, and the new mail sound aswell. You can add only one account from a service provider at a time. For instance, if you wanted to add another Gmail account, you will have to click on the link that says “Do you want to change the email account? Click here.”, and then sign in. This means you have signed out of the first account.

Howard E-Mail Notifier Options

Howard E-Mail Notifier Options

Howard E-Mail Notifier Review
  • Installation/Portability
  • User Interface
  • Features
  • Performance


Works with several popular email services
Consumes less system resources
Easy to configure

Sign in dialog box doesn't launch as expected
Can't add more than one account from same email provider
Version reviewed: 1.30
Publisher Website: the sz development
Works with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

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