Easy Disk Drive Repair – Fix Hard Disk Errors on Windows PC

Easy Disk Drive Repair Review

Over a period of time, without your notice, it is easy to accumulate several errors on your hard disk due to Windows crashes or due to improper shutdown, like when you power off your PC when Windows get frozen. Windows usually attempts to fix the hard disk errors during restart, but if that is overridden, these hard disk errors can cause unstable Windows and loss of your data, and read/write errors, and in worst scenario hard disk failure.


We have come to notice that this freeware which looked promising at first, later turned out to be a fake software which modifies UAC settings of Windows and so we have categorized it as a malware.

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Easy Disk Drive Repair is a freeware utility that can quickly scan and then fix the hard disk errors with ease. Infact, while testing this software, the harddisk scan and fix time was less than 10 minutes. What makes it so fast is its ability to interface directly at hardware level, and uses the SMART capability of modern hard disks that can self report problems in it. On our test PC which has a 500GB hard disk, the program was able to find and fix several errors.

Easy Disk Drive Repair

Easy Disk Drive Repair

When a error is found, it tries with various modules to fix the error, sometimes as many as 5 different modules.

Easy Disk Drive Repair  - Scan and Fix Completion Report

Easy Disk Drive Repair – Scan and Fix Completion Report

It works with wide range of memory devices including internal and external IDE/SATA hard disks, SSD, RAID, USB flash drives, and SD Cards. Coming to the settings of the program, you can enable and disable the repair technology including Smart Sector Repair, Aggressive Repair Technology, SSD SpeedScan, and Drive locking. All these settings are enabled by default.

Easy Disk Drive Repair Settings

Easy Disk Drive Repair Settings

Easy Disk Drive Repair is a 100% free and clean utility that contains no malware, adware, virus, and doesn’t nag you to upgrade to pro version or something like that.

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