RAM Expert – Find out whether your PC’s Memory is upgradable

RAM Expert Review

RAM Expert is a freeware utility that lets you find out details of your computers memory, like how much RAM your computer has installed, and how many RAM slots are available, and how many are free for upgrade. It also gives a lot of other details of RAM, which I will explain in the detailed review.

RAMExpert is useful for those who doesn’t know much about their PC’s or laptop’s hardware, especially the RAM (Random Access Memory). It displays general info like the number of memory slots on the motherboard, current memory available, and the maximum possible memory that your computer can take. You will also see how much slots are occupied, and how are available. It also displays the slot name like for example DIMM1 in my test PC, the manufacturer, Model, Type, and serial number of the RAM.

RAM Expert Interface

RAM Expert Interface

Clicking on the empty slot (if available) takes you to a amazon.com for shopping the RAM. Unfortunately, the results are not specific to your computer’s slot size, but rather a generic RAM search in Amazon’s Computers & Accessories.

RAM Expert

RAM Expert

A click on the PDF icon named Get Specification launches your default internet browser, and puts your RAM type automatically in the Google custom search.

RAM Expert Specifications

RAM Expert Specifications

The search results are good, you will probably see first result from PassMark website which are nice and detailed:

RAM Expert - Google custom search

RAM Expert – Google custom search

Since PassMark maintains a history of performance reports of competitive RAMs in market, you will see where your RAM is standing and its performance characteristics.

RAM Expert  - RAM Details

RAM Expert – RAM Details

RAM Expert is 100% free, clean from virus, and doesn’t install any promotional software alongside. Since it launches custom Google search results, and webpages, you will see ads on that webpage only.

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