Fix: PC Restart Notification to turn off UAC even after Reboot in Windows 8.1

User Account Control (UAC) is an important Windows system service that warns of security risks, and alerts of suspicious processes trying to run in Windows. It is always advised to keep UAC enabled. But, things can go wrong due to some malware attacks or accidental system file damages done by third party system tweaking software, and Windows may throw error on the taskbar every time you restart Windows.

The problem is the message You must restart your computer to turn off User Account Control (Important) is shown in taskbar Action Center notification, and when the system is restarted, the message appears again. If you are facing this problem, then you are at right place – let me walk you through to fix the problem.

UAC Turn Off Notification on Taskbar

UAC Turn Off Notification on Taskbar

Following the action center, there is a simple solution to this problem by turning off messages about UAC, but the correct way to troubleshoot the issue is to fix it rather than bypassing it, therefore I would NEVER do that, nor recommend it to anyone.

It's not a good idea to completely turn off messages about UAC

It’s not a good idea to completely turn off messages about UAC

Note that this issue can be caused by malware trying to turn off UAC without your consent, therefore I recommend to first scan your PC with a good antivirus software, and then if the problem still exists, go ahead and follow the fix tutorial. Make sure to login into Windows with Administrator access.

1. Press Windows key and key to launch Run dialog box.

2. Type sfc /scannow in the Run box and hit enter.

Run Dialog Box

Run Dialog Box

If nothing happens, it means that there is some thing wrong with going on on your computer. In such scenario, launch charms by moving the mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen, click on Search icon, and then type Command Prompt in search box. Right-click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

Type sfc /scannow in the command prompt and hit enter key.

Command Prompt - sfc scannow tool

Command Prompt – sfc scannow tool

3. Windows will now scan all the important system files for file integrity, and then fix the possible corrupted ones. Be patient as the process may take several minutes. Windows may say that Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but unable to fix some of them. Don’t worry about that, 99% of cases it fixes the problem which this article is addressing.

After the scan and fix is complete, close the command prompt and restart Windows. It worked on our test PC, I no longer see the notification on the taskbar.

Action Center Clean

Action Center Clean

Did it work for you? Do share your experience using comment form below.

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