Wise Plugin Manager – Control Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera Plugins at one Place

Wise Plugin Manager Review

Wise Plugin Manager Review

Wise Plugin Manager is a freeware utility that lets you manage all the popular internet browser’s plugins and extensions at one place. The current version of this software supports Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Let’s see what Wise Plugin Manager can do for you for each browser.

Google Chrome

According to developer of this program, Wise Plugin Manager can manage Extensions and Plugins for Chrome browser, but during my test, the program was not able to pull out the extensions that was installed on Chrome, however, it successfully listed the plugins. If the developer finds this review, hopefully we will see a possible explanation and a bug fix in future versions.

Wise Plugin Manager - Google Chrome

Wise Plugin Manager – Google Chrome

With in the Wise Plugin Manager’s interface you can delete the plugins, but you can’t add new plugins from here. You can rate the plugins , however, the ratings doesn’t integrate with the ratings from the Google’s plugin store, but is specific to the ratings given by users of the Wise Plugin Manager tool only.

Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer, Wise Plugin Manager can help you to manage BHO (Browser Helper Objects), Toolbars, and Context Menu. You can move the toggle button to turn ON/OFF any plugins or you can delete them.

Wise Plugin Manager - Internet Explorer

Wise Plugin Manager – Internet Explorer

Firefox and Opera

Wise Plugin Manager was able to read all the plugins that was hooked up with Firefox and Opera browsers. Like in Internet explorer and Chrome, you delete the extensions and rate them.

Wise Plugin Manager - Opera

Wise Plugin Manager – Opera

Other feature include a one-click “Set as default browser” link located at the top right corner of the program. Wise Plugin Manager is 100% free software and is clean from virus and malware. You do see a developer’s own ad of their other software in the program’s interface.

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