WinDirStat – Get Colorful File Distribution Report on Your PC

WinDirStat can analyse an hard disk and give you detailed information of files distribution in the form colorful blocks. Each file is represented by a color, and it also gets grouped in a section for easy visualization, and to know which files are using the hard disk space.  Not just visualization, but within the program’s interface you can choose to delete the files straight away.


At first run after installation, WinDirStat will take sometime to scan the hard disk, but subsequent runs should be faster. Each colored block represents one file, the area of which is proportional to the file’s size. The blocks are organized such that folders represent rectangles, which shows all their files and subfolders, and you can easily know its file name by moving the mouse over the block. The file name is displayed at the bottom of the programs user interface which is nothing but status bar.

Right-click on any rectangular block and you can Copy Path or open Explorer Here.

WinDirStat right-click Context menu

WinDirStat right-click Context menu

For system administrators space monitoring gets easier, you can send email straight from the program’s interface. You can specify a subject line, prefix, and email content and then go to Report > Send mail to Owner to send email notification to the file owner in a network through default email client.

WinDirStat.- Send Email

WinDirStat.- Send Email

WinDirStat Review Summary and Free Download
  • Installation
  • User Interface
  • Features
  • Performance

Version Reviewed: 1.1.2

Easy to understand disk usage statistics viewer.
Email to Owner.
Delete Files from within program's interface.

User Interface could be better, lot of space wasted.
Program freezes sometimes while clicking on file rectangles.
Need more features in right-click context menu.

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