GIMP Tip – How to make GIMP to run in a Single Window Mode


GIMP is one of the best alternatives for Adobe Photoshop and it has come a long way in becoming what it is now with powerful features and capabilities. If you are new to GIMP, you may probably be wondering how to enable single-window mode. By default settings, GIMP launches in multi-window mode split into 3 sections: the working zone, toolbox, and layers, and these are placed in middle, left, and right respectively.

GIMP Default Layout - Multi-window Style

GIMP Default Layout – Multi-window Style

Although this layout may appeal to few, others will feel it cluttered, therefore may want to switch to single-window mode. Fortunately this is possible and very easy – in fact some might have figured it themselves in first attempt, while the rest would have turned to Google and hence here. In the main window, choose Windows > Single-Window Mode and you are done!

GIMP - Change to Single-window mode

GIMP – Change to Single-window mode

All the toolboxes get merged into a single-window. You can anytime toggle between single-window and split windows by doing the same thing.

GIMP Single-Window Mode

GIMP Single-Window Mode

If you are yet to try out GIMP, you can anytime download and use it for 100% free.

Download GIMP for Windows

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