How to Pattern or Tile a Custom Image in GIMP [Tutorial]

gimp pattern with custom image

You might be aware of how to use built-in textures in GIMP to fill entire canvas area, usually for a background gradient or texture. But it would be great if one can use a custom pattern or a slice image to fill up the canvas.

For instance I want to use the below slice image which has a gradient from Blue color to white to tile and form image background. You can have pattern of any size, but for good effect I recommend to make a pattern of same height as the new canvas size, especially for a pattern that is not uniform when tiled vertically and horizontally.


1. Open the pattern/slice image in GIMP, select all (Ctrl+A) and copy it to clipboard. The image can be in any format, just make sure you open it as image file and not as a GIMP file (.xcf).

Sample Pattern Image

Sample Pattern Image

2. Open the new file where you want to fill the pattern.

3. Click on Fill bucket and then click Pattern Fill and then select the Clipboard which is nothing but the image pattern you copied earlier.

4. Finally click in the canvas area to fill it with the pattern.

Fill Pattern

Fill Pattern

This is how we apply a custom pattern to a image in GIMP. Stay connected with us for more such tips and tutorials on GIMP.

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