How to Enable Virtualization on a Lenovo Computer on Windows

If you haven’t determined whether your Lenovo computer supports Virtualization, you may want to first check that. Once you know that your Lenovo computer supports Virtualization, follow these simple steps to enable it.

1. Power off the computer.

2. Boot your computer into system BIOS mode. If you own a Lenovo laptop you should be familiar with the Novo button. It is extremely useful to easily boot into BIOS mode. While the laptop is in power off state, press the Novo button to boot into BIOS. Several Lenovo desktops boot into BIOS by pressing F2 key at the computer start-up.

Novo Button - Lenovo Laptop

Novo Button – Lenovo IdeaPad U530 Laptop

2. Novo button users will see the Novo Button Menu moments after pressing the Novo button. Use arrow keys to select BIOS setup and then press enter key to boot into BIOS.

Novo Button Menu

Novo Button Menu

3. Now you have to go on a hunting spree for Virtualization or such similar wordings in the different sections of the BIOS. Most of the Lenovo desktop computers have Virtualization settings in Security tab. In recent laptops virtualization setting is included in the Configuration  tab. Use arrow keys to navigate and toggle the state of Virtual technology. Make sure not to accidentally change any other settings – it could be dangerous. Check out at the bottom of the screen on how to save and exit the BIOS. In my case it said press Fn+F10 to save and exit.

BIOS  - Enable Virtualization

BIOS – Enable Virtualization

Now you can boot into Windows and check if virtualization is enabled. Windows 8.1 users can quickly check Task Manager to see Visualization status.

Windows 8.1 Task Manager

Windows 8.1 Task Manager

Other users can use Intel or AMD tool.

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