8 Great New Features in Word 2013 (Office 365 Word)

New in Word 2013

Office 365 which is nothing but a subscription version of Office 2013 comes with a host of several sophisticated features applied to each module: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook. In this article I will focus on what new things you can do in the latest Word application – the Word 2013.

1. Templates

With Word 2013 you get plenty of high quality templates available from several categories like Flyers, Calenders, Event Planner, Resume, Postcards, Birthday Cards, Certificates, and more. You can start you documents with these templates and within no time you can make a professional document.

Office 2013 Word Templates

Office 2013 Word Templates

2. Insert Online Videos

Word 2013 lets you insert videos from online sources and the great thing is the ability to play it even without coming out of Word.

Insert Online Video Word 2013

Insert Online Video  – Word 2013

It gives 3 ways to insert the video: Bing Video Search, YouTube, and From a Video Embed Code.

Insert Video Options

Insert Video Options

When you play the video, it expands into a big window where the video gets played within the Word so that you stay focused.

3. New Read Mode

Word 2013 makes reading a document easier and clutter free, including easy-to-read columns on the screen. All the tool bars and ribbons go into invisible mode for a distraction free reading experience.

Read Mode in Word 2013

Read Mode in Word 2013

You still have access to the tools that are always handy for reading such as Define, Translate, Search with Bing, Commenting, and Inking.

Read Mode Right-Click Context Tools in Word 2013

Read Mode Right-Click Context Tools in Word 2013

Read mode also lets you resume reading from where you left off, even when you reopen an online document from a different computer – cool!

4. Expand and Collapse Content

When working on a long documents, Word 2013 lets you collapse or expand the content below specified headings in your document. This is based on its outline level which can be added easily.

To begin with select the heading text that you to specify as the expandable content, remember you should have its content below it already, and then apply any heading styles to it.

Collapse and Expand Example -Word 2013

Collapse and Expand Example -Word 2013

Word automatically makes the paragraph under this heading as expandable content for that heading. When you move the mouse pointer over the heading, you will see a drop down arrow next to the heading. Click on that to toggle between expansion and collapse of the content.

Collapse and Expand Content - Word 2013

Collapse and Expand Content – Word 2013

5. Open and Edit PDF

Yes, you read it right – you can now open and edit PDF within Word! To open a PDF in word, first launch Word and from Word’s File> Open select the PDF and you are done. You can right away start editing it too and save it as Word document or PDF.

Opening and Editing PDF in Word 2013 works best with text content. If there is too many graphics in the PDF, you may see misplaced pictures and text. You need to align and move around things to get it in proper shape.

6. Layout and Alignment Guides

With Word 2013, you can get a live preview along with alignment guides as you resize and move photos and shapes in your document. This is a great assistance to line up charts, photos, and diagrams with your text.

Green Lines are the Live Alignment Guides in Word 2013

Green Lines are the new Live Alignment Guides in Word 2013

7. Coauthor Documents and Work Together

One of the great new features in Word 2013 is the ability to work with others with collaboration tools. Word 2013 lets you work together with our colleagues on the same file at the same time. To track down on the changes being made by your colleague, Word 2013 shows a new revision view called as Simple Markup. What it does is it provides a simple view of your document along with indicators to show the changes that has taken place.

Coauthor a Document in Word 2013

Coauthor a Document in Word 2013

This feature is similar to the Sharing functionality which is present in Excel since ages where cells that gets changed are indicated as the sheet gets saved. In Word 2013, Microsoft has went ahead and added commenting feature as well, so that you can leave a comment or chat with the coauthor.

8. One Drive Integration

Word 2013 works seamlessly with Microsoft’s OneDrive, and this clubbed with free Word Online provides you with easy file saving and sharing experience in the cloud. You can save a document in OneDrive and provide a coauthor to it for working simultaneously on the same file.

Office Online

Office Online

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