Fix OneDrive App on XBOX 360 Won’t Open Problem

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage is a great way to share your media including photos, music, and videos across your PC and XBOX 360 console. If you are having trouble in accessing One Drive on your XBOX 360, then let’s start troubleshooting your console now.


Check OneDrive Service Status

Before you attempt any of these solutions, it is important that you first check the OneDrive status on Xbox Live.

Check XBOX LIVE Status

Scroll to the bottom and click on “O” to see OneDrive Status for Xbox 360.

OneDrive Status

OneDrive Status

Now that you know the status, if it was down, then you will have to probably wait for a while until the OneDrive service resumes and then try opening OneDrive again.

OneDrive Error code: 0C01/8009/0304

The most common problems seen are couple of error messages:

  • Can’t connect to the OneDrive Service. Error code: 0C01/8009/0304
  • The OneDrive app can’t continue. Sorry, there was a problem with the OneDrive app. Please launch it again.
  • There’s a problem connecting to OneDrive. Check your Internet connection, and then try again.

If you are sure that your internet connection works fine and that Xbox 360 is connected to internet, but you still get one of the above error messages, then proceed as follows to delete and reinstall OneDrive app, which should eventually fix your problem.

1. Go to Xbox Dashboard, and then go to settings followed by  System.

2. Select Storage.

3. Select your primary storage device. Usually it is the first one.

4. Select Games and Apps.

5. Find and select any items that refer to “OneDrive.”

OneDrive App

OneDrive App

6. Select Delete.

7. Go to the Xbox Dashboard.

8. Go to Browse Apps, Search for “OneDrive”, and then select OneDrive.

9. Select Download and then Confirm Purchase to download and install the app (don’t worry, it’s free).

Try to launch OneDrive now and do let us know if it worked for you in comments below.

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