Is your Lenovo PC Ready for Windows 10 Upgrade?

If you have a Lenovo PC and confused whether it can be upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 safely, then you have to take a look the following models that are officially described by Lenovo as not fully compatible with Windows 10 and hence not recommended to take the plunge.


Lenovo PCs not fully compatible with Windows 10

Honestly, these models can actually run Windows 10, but may face problems with device drivers like audio, Bluetooth, GPS, Camera, Touch, brightness control, volume up/down dedicated keys etc..

  • N580, N581, P580, P400 Touch, P500, P500 Touch, P580;
  • U310, U410, U510, U410 Touch, U310 Touch;
  • Z500 Touch, Z500, Z400, Z400 Touch, Z380, Z480, Z580, Z485, Z585, Z501;
  • S300, S400, S400u, S400 Touch, S405, S206, G485, G585, N480;
  • G490, G400, G400S, G400S Touch, G500, G500S, G500S Touch;
  • S210, S210 Touch, Miix10;
  • K49, E49, K29, E49AL, V480, M480, V480S.

If your Lenovo model is not listed, don’t worry, you can still check for Windows 10 compatibility using Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 app from Microsoft Store.

Lenovo PCs not compatible with Windows 10

The following models do not support upgrade to Windows 10:

  • Y480, Y485, and Y580 with the SSD+HDD configuration;
  • S206 equipped with CPU other than E450, E300, E1-1200, E2-1800, or C60.


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