Windows Movie Maker missing in Windows 10; Get a Free Alternative

Although Windows 10 is the best operating system from Microsoft anytime, some features and products were depleted as of now, and we are not sure if Microsoft is willing to bring them back or if they terminated them. One of the features that has seen the end is the Windows Movie Maker, which is a free program to edit videos and make a photo slideshow.wmm

It was launched during Windows 2000 timing and since then it has been more or less same all-time with very less feature additions, and probably Microsoft didn’t have enough time or resources to enhance it for Windows 10 and make it up-to date, so could have decided to end it rather. If you have been using it on your previous Windows XP/7/8.1, then you will find it missing after the Windows 10 upgrade.

Thankfully, there are free alternatives to Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10, but for non-commercial use only. What more the free ones are more powerful, rich in features, and recently updated to latest available technologies. One of the free video editors that comes to my mind quickly is the VideoPad Editor.

NCH VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor has a sleek and modern ribbon-based interface that will compliment Windows 10 perfectly. Its free version is only for non-commercial purpose and you do get a ton of features, much more than what Windows Movie Maker used to give you. You can easily drag and drop videos and photos into the timeline, add transition, special effects, and then generate a video file or burn a Bluray/DVD.

NCH VideoPad Video Editor

NCH VideoPad Video Editor

You can add text, background music, subtitles, video overlays to the show. Background music can be your own or you can use from freely available NCH sound library, accessible from within program.

NCH Sound Library

NCH Sound Library

The free version will have a “upgrade” link on the interface, just ignore that you will be fine. I suggested this program due to its rich features, great stable interface, and promotional softwareless installer.

Download NCH VideoPad Video Editor

Works with Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista.

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  • or you can get windows essentials which works in windows 10 remarkably no seriously ive been testing it since beta testing back in november works like a charm