Betternet – Free VPN Service to Hide your IP Address

Betternet is an completely free utility for Windows that lets you anonymously browse the internet. In other words, it is a free VPN service that can hide your IP address and protect privacy against Hackers. This also means now you can use it to unblock geographically restricted websites.

Betternet User Interface

Betternet User Interface

The utility is very simple to use, just install it, run it, and at a click of a button you are privately connected to the internet. There is no registration needed and no technical expertise skills for using it.

VPN Connected

Paid VPN services that do the same job are expensive and normally not used by general users. It took sometime to research and understand that their service is legitimate and the company’s earning is actually generated by ads in their Android and iOS smartphone apps. They guarantee encrypted connection and within a short span have gained immense popularity and trust among smartphone users. A premium version of the same utility is available which give additional features like letting user to choose the country, unlike the free counterpart which randomly connects to a VPN server.


Note that when you launch the program after installation and nothing happens when you click on “Connect” button, then you will have to close the program and “Run as administrator”. The program needs elevated privileges to write into your computer’s system file for a VPN connection.

Betternet -  Run as Administrator

Betternet – Run as Administrator

Additionally, some security software may flag the website as “Phishing site” after the connection is established, but that the very nature of the task any VPN service does. Having said that, I suggest to proceed with caution and avoid any financial transactions until the program gains more trust which will happen over a period of time only.

Phishing Warning

Phishing Warning

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