Find the Best WiFi Channel for your WiFi Router

When you configure your WiFi router, you might have come across an option to pickup the channel of your choice, starting from 1 to 11. Choosing a proper channel for your router is one of the important steps to get efficient, reliable, and fast WiFi connection.

Best WiFi Channel

The best channel for your WiFi router is one which has less interference with your neighbors’ WiFi signals. For example if you have Channel 1 and your neighbor has Channel 2, this will cause lot of interference and will lead to bad access points and poor WiFi reliability. The solution is to increase the gap between the channels. This may be a simple task if you don’t have several neighbors, but those living in an apartment will have several neighbors and so that many WiFi signals. Finding the best channel becomes a complicated task. That’s where the WiFi Channel Picker becomes a useful tool.

WiFi Channel Picker, a freeware utility can help you find the best possible channel for your WiFi router. It scans the nearby WiFi signals that are in the range and lists their Channel number along with SSID, mac address, make, signal strength, line of sight distance of the router, and much more.

How to use WiFi Channel Picker?

Now that you know what this free utility can do for you, let me quickly put together a small tutorial on how to use this tool to find out the best channel for your WiFi router.

1. While setting up your WiFi router, choose any channel randomly and complete the setup process.

2. Next connect your laptop to the WiFi network which you just created.

3. Run the WiFi Channel picker utility. (Download link is located at the Summary section below)

WiFi Channel Picker

4. In the WiFi Channel Picker user interface, check the box of your router SSID and then click on “Evaluate” button.

5. The tool will suggest the best possible channel and will also give recommendations for your neighbors WiFi channels!

Best Channel Recommendation

Best Channel Recommendation

WiFi Channel Picker is 100% free utility and is clean from malware and promotional software.

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