Fix music not uploading to Google Play Music after Windows 10 clean install

Google Play Music is one of the great ways to store your music online and stream them to your Android smartphone. The easiest method to sync your music collection from your Windows PC to Google Play Music is by using Google Music Manager. If you have recently clean installed Windows 10, there is high chance of music upload getting broken.

Google Play Music

When I say broken, it is really broken in all ways. You can’t even upload songs manually from the Google Play Music website. It can get stuck and all you see error is that songs upload is failed or you will see the upload icon doing nothing.

The core of this problem is Windows 10 clean installation on the very same PC which usually changes your computer name, making the Google Play Music not authorizing your PC for upload. Let’s see how to fix it.

1. First thing to do after your install new Windows is to go to Google Play Music in your browser, login to your account and then click ‘Settings’ link in the bottom left pane.

Google Play Music Settings

Google Play Music Settings

2. In the right pane, scroll down to the bottom to ‘My devices’ section. Here you can see the devices authorized to work with Google Play Music. You will see your computer name that was earlier authorized. Click ‘DEATHORIZE’ against that PC name. Note that when you clean install Windows, the PC name changes and Google Play Music still has the old computer name, so it won’t work with your new Windows, though it is the same PC. The simplest solution is deauthorize the old PC and add the new one.

Devices Authorized

Devices Authorized

3. Now click ‘Upload music’ in the left pane and then click ‘Download Music Manager’. Install it and configure it to your music sync folder just like you had in your previous Windows.

4. If all went well, your music collection should now upload without problems and you will see the Google Music Manager icon back on the Windows taskbar, which obviously went off after clean install, and you forgot installing it. 😉

Did it work for you? Do let us know in comments below.

Kiran Kumar

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