Convert a PowerPoint (ppt) to a video for high-fidelity presentation

There are scenarios when you want to convert your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (.ppt) to a video file with all transitions and graphics intact. Obviously, one of the cool uses of those converted video is to watch it without effort on mobile device and other PC where Microsoft Office is not installed. You can easily watch the video on your smartphone at your comfort for rehearsals of that extremely important presentation of your life. Other uses include ability to record and time voice narration and laser pointer movements in the video for an high-fidelity presentation.

PowerPoint to Video

In this tutorial, we shall see how to convert the PowerPoint presentations to video by using no extra software other than PowerPoint itself.

Convert PPT to Video from within Microsoft PowerPoint

This method is applicable only if you have Microsoft Office 2010 and later, because, older version of MS Office doesn’t have this feature.

1. Open the Presentation

2. Optionally, you can record and add narration and timings to a slide show and also turn your mouse into a laser pointer.

3. Save the presentation.

4. Click ‘File’ > ‘Export’. Note that in Office 2010, this option is different and you need to click ‘Save & Send’ instead.

PowerPoint Export to Video Feature

PowerPoint Export to Video Feature

5. Click ‘Create a Video’.

6. You can now specify the video resolution. PowerPoint currently supports up to 960x720px and is located in Computer & HD Displays. You can choose two other sizes including medium size of 640x480px and small size of 320x240px, which are good options for mobile devices. Larger the resolution, larger will be size of the video file generated.

7. You can now specify time spent of each slide.

8. Click ‘Create Video’.

9. Specify as location where you want to save the file. Currently PowerPoint lets you to save the video in MP4 and WMV formats only. You can however convert this video to any other format using video converters.

Save Video Format - MP4 and WMV

Save Video Format – MP4 and WMV

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  • Pushpendra Singh

    It’s work 100% i already made many videos by using Office 2010 and 2013 both and it gives great experience….