What Happened To Windows Security Center In Windows 7

Folks who upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 will certainly be in search for some of regularly used features. We already explained about missing Search, Hardware profiles, Connect to, and Run functions in Windows 7. Yet another feature you may keep searching is the famous “Windows Security Center” of Windows XP.

In Windows 7, “Action Center” replaces Windows Security Center. Similar to WSC, the Action Center manages firewall settings, Windows Update, antispyware software settings, Internet security, and User Account control settings. It also monitors maintenance settings and gives ways for troubleshooting issues.

To launch Action Center, click Start button, type “Action Center” in the program search box and press enter.


Action Center is much more advanced and a single point interface for all your security and system maintenance issues. It keeps track of system drivers, updates, and functionality of programs. In the above screen-shot you can see that Action Center is reporting two problem in our test PC. All-in-all, a great enhancement by Microsoft in making Windows 7 better.

Kiran Kumar

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