How To Quickly Make A DVD Disc From Video Files (AVI, WMV etc) Using Windows DVD Maker

Windows 7 Ultimate and Home Premium Editions comes preloaded with a free DVD burning software. Using “Windows DVD Maker”, you can make professional looking DVD playable using your DVD Player. Windows DVD Maker is easy to use and just needs few clicks to create a DVD with Playbak controls, DVD Menu, and Chapters.

It can convert various video format files such as AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, ASF, etc. to DVD Video Disc playable in Standalone DVD Players for your Television.

You can create Picture Slide show DVD with background music for viewing it on your television via DVD Player.

Step-by-Step Guide to Burn a DVD Movie Disc with Menu and Chapters

1. Click Start button, type “Windows DVD Maker” in the program search box and press enter. This will launch Windows DVD Maker.

2. Click “Add items”, browse and add video files.


3. In the DVD Title section, type a name for the title of the Disc and click on “Options” link.


4. In the DVD Options,  Choose DVD playback settings for menu. “Start with DVD menu” is most commonly used option. Choose DVD aspect ratio from tow available choices including 4:3 and 16:9 Wide Screen format.

Choose Video format based on your region. Normally it’s NTSC for North America and most of South America. PAL is widely used in all other countries like India, Germany, U.K. etc.

Click “OK”.


5. Click “Next” button


6. In the following windows, choose your favorite “Menu Style” by just clicking on it.


7. In order to change the Menu text, click on “Menu text”.


8.  In the following window, you can edit “ Font style”, DVD Title, Play button text, Scenes (Chapters) button text, and Notes button text.


9. After doing the changes, click on “Preview” to preview your DVD menu.


9. Click OK and then Click on “Change text”.

10. In order to customize menu, click on “Customize menu”.


11. In the Customize DVD menu style windows, you have more additional customizations for the DVD menu. You can include a Foreground and background video for the menu. You can also select an audio file that will be played in background during menu playback. You can also choose from various Scenes button style. The chapters preview will be shown in the type of style you select. For example we selected “Cloud” as shown in screen shot below.

Note that Windows DVD Maker automatically assigns random Chapter points. You cannot edit or assign your own Chapter (Scene) points. We understand, this is a drawback. But, Windows DVD Maker is those who want to quickly make a professional looking Home DVD Video Disc. Advanced users can go for Windows Movie Maker which gives more control over customizations.

After doing all the changes, click “Change Style” button.


12.  Now all you need to do is click “Burn”.


Depending upon size of the disc, it will take a while for your DVD to be ready.

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  • You can try this one for free: It lets you create professional DVDs with only a few clicks.