How To Disable Desktop Gadgets In Windows 7/Vista

Desktop Gadgets are nice little applets on your desktop that comes handy for quick glance of information. It is introduced in Windows Vista and carried forward to Windows 7 too. It does take some system resources while running and hence may downgrade system performance on a low end machine.


If you decided not to have it and would like to completely turn off desktop gadgets so that users of your PC is also stopped from getting them back, follow the below steps. We will use Group Policy Editor for disabling Desktop Gadgets on your Windows 7 or Windows Vista PC.

1. Login as Administrator of your PC.

2. Click “Start”, type gpedit.msc in the Programs search box and hit enter.


3. Group Policy Editor gets launched. In the left pane of Editor, navigate to:

Computer Configuration—> Administrative Templates—> Windows Components –> Desktop Gadgets


4. In the right side, double-click on the item “Turn off desktop gadgets”.

5. Select the radio button “Enabled”. Type a comment in the section “Comment” for reference.


6. Click “OK”.

You are done. Desktop Gadgets are now disabled in your system.

If anybody tries to launch gadgets by right-clicking on empty desktop area…


Windows 7/Vista gives message that it is managed by system administrator.



Kiran Kumar

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