Fix 0x81000015 Error Message Problem When Backing up Data In Windows 7

Microsoft has announced a problem while using Windows 7 Backup utility. During backup you may receive “0x81000015” error message.  The error message displayed is :

Windows Backup could not create a zip file. This could be because the drive that Windows is installed on does not have enough space or it could be a temporary error. Make sure you have at least <size> MB of free space and try again.

According to KBA981908, this problem occurs when you have one of the following third-party software installed on the computer:

  • Carbonite backup utility
  • IDrive applications
  • StuffIt

Apart from the above programs, problem may occur even when you have  some other third-party programs that monitor .zip files.

This problem arises  due to conflicts between Windows Backup and third-party programs that are associated with .zip files. Microsoft gives an workaround to this problem. [Source: KBA981908]
  • If you have Carbonite backup utility installed, disable the utility.
  • If you have IDrive applications installed, disable the applications.
  • If you have StuffIt installed, remove .zip associations from StuffIt.
  • If you are running other third-party software programs that are associated with .zip file, disable the programs.

You can re-enable the third-party software after the backup is completed.

Kiran Kumar

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