How To Recover WiFi Password In Windows 7


Consider a scenario in which you have configured Windows 7 home PC with your Wi-Fi router, gave a network security key for getting connected to internet. We assume that you have made WPA Network (Wi-Fi Protected Access). After few months you bring in a laptop, and try to connect to your Wi-Fi Network for accessing internet. But unfortunately you forgot the Password (Network Security Key) that you have used to setup the Wi-Fi network, and to make situation worse you don’t even have the admin login of Router.

Your home PC doesn’t ask for Security Key as Windows remembers the password you used the first time when successfully connected to Wi-Fi network, and remembers the network automatically. So there is a quick way to dig this passoword embedded somewhere in your home PC. Lets fish it out.

1. On your Home PC that successfully connects to your Wi-Fi Network, click on the Wi-Fi Network Icon on the taskbar.


2. Right-click on your wireless network connection and click “Properties”.


3. In the Wireless Network Properties, click on “Security” tab. This is where Windows stores the WiFi password.


4.  To make the password readable, check the box “Show Characters” and voila your Network Key is readable!


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    This didn’t work. When I click, “show characters” the information deletes itself. So, it must be protected.

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    This does not work for WPA-2-Enterprise connections, which appear unable to be read…
    But for normal connections it works fine, just weird that they didn’t implement WPA-2-Enterprise, as especially in such environments getting a new password takes a lot of efford and time, cause you got to find the person responsible for the network and he has to have time, which usually, they don’t as they are busy running the network…